Cyclone Yasa Relief Fund

The Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations has committed to sending $10,000FJD to TISI Sangam in Fiji to support the relief and recovery efforts post Cyclone Yasa. We are also collecting funds from our community members. Click here for more information and on how to donate to the cause.

Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations

The Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations is a non-profit, charitable and non-governmental made up of Fiji-Canadian organizations, including Religious & Cultural, Social & Sporting, Business, Trades & Professionals, and Independents.

Our Executive Committee…

Chairperson: Shannon Permal

Vice Chairperson: Vidya Sharma

Secretary: Aarthi Naidu

Treasurer: Samar Jit

Assistant Treasurer: Shivangni Naicker

Committee Members: Shakuntla Datt, Dinesh Khanna, Albert Kumar, Ilene Kumar, Sanjay Maharaj, Sarda Naicker, Arvind Prasad

Trustee: Wasu Naidu

Trustee: Edward Palad

Are you interested in joining our CFOFO Executive Team or Youth Committee? If so, please send us an e-mail at